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About the band

Vic Allen - lead vocals
Dave Cooper - drums
John 'Lance' Boardman - lead guitar
Sam Ford - lead guitar
Pete Schofield -
bass guitar 

Ain’t Lizzy: ‘the original Thin Lizzy tribute’
An original copy – how ironic does that sound? But that’s how it is with Thin Lizzy tribute, Ain’t Lizzy; early pioneers of the tribute band theme in the late 1980s and the UK’s first act dedicated to the music of Philip Lynott following his tragic early demise in 1986.
Ain’t Lizzy never tried to ‘look Lizzy’ but fellow fans all over the world have marvelled at how faithful the band has remained to the sound of the originals. 

Close your eyes and it’s Lizzy” is something that has been repeated by ardent Thin Lizzy  fans and journalists alike. 
In 1994 the band arranged and performed at the now-fabled Are You Ready? concert in Wolverhampton, England; a night where fans were thrilled by a Thin Lizzy reunion and kick-started the trust fund that ultimately paid for the stunning statue of Philip now proudly standing in the centre of Dublin. 

From this time onwards the band formed a close and warm friendship with the Lynott family who have been very supportive over the years.
Perhaps the ultimate endorsement for Ain’t Lizzy musically is that they have been joined on stage at various times by original Thin Lizzy members; namely Brian Downey, Eric Bell and Daren Wharton – with all-time favourite guitarist, Brian Robertson even joining the band as special guest on an extensive European tour.
Ain’t Lizzy split in the mid-1990s when guitarist, Pete Schofield started managing ‘Robbo’s ‘ post-Lizzy combo, The Clan; a band that featured former Ain’t Lizzy drummer, Andy Fox and bassist, Wayne Ellis – better known now as the rhythm section of the wonderful Limehouse Lizzy, with whom Ain’t Lizzy are great friends (the 'quote' from Wayne on the home page, by the way, is complete horseshit - but the rest are genuine enough!)
Ain’t Lizzy reformed earlier this year after numerous requests to perform their unique treatment to the Live & Dangerous album, which recreates the entire album experience with a blend of dynamic live music and audio-visual effects.  

The show is well worth coming to see, so join the mailing list by emailing the band from the contact page and we'll let you know when a gig is coming up.

Until the next toime.......


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