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News n stuff

17th June - Confirming stage times

The carnival programme states that Ain't Lizzy will be on stage at 7.30.  It's wrong.  Pigwagon / Ain't Lizzy will open the show just before 6.30 and do a 45 minute set. 

Whilst I'm on, when I visited the studio last week, either they were messing about or they're actually going to play whisky in the jar live for the first time.  I've been asking them to play it since before the internet was invented - but always got the response Phil Lynott gave whenever asked to perform the song!

Fingers crossed, it's one of my favourites........

23rd May - Carnival appearance confirmed

Ain't Lizzy will perform alongside PiGWAGON at the Duffield Carnival on Saturday 26th June 2010.  The appearance is part of an evening of musical entertainment in the marquee which runs from 6-9pm.  Ain't Lizzy will perform the singles from the Live & Dangerous album as part of PiGWAGON's 45 minute performance.  The bands will be followed by Chaser who round off the evenings entertainment with more rock and pop classics, so a fine evening of musical fun and frivolity is assured!

See 'Gigs' page for further details.

20th May - Superb gig for Dennis Keeley

Saturday's gig at the Pattern Makers was superb.  Pigwagon were an outstanding opening act, then Philomena's video message had the packed venue laughing one minute and swallowing hard to keep a check on the emotions  the next, as she briefly touched upon her sorrow at losing her partner, Dennis this year.  Ain't Lizzy powered through Live & Dangerous and a wonderful night was had by all.   A full review will follow and I'll try to work out how to upload Philomena's message (which fool made me webmaster?!)

Some of the photos are already posted - many thanks to Robert Scott-Spencer for these.  There's a link saying 'Dennis Keeley memorial gig pics' or you can click here to see them.  As I say, more to follow. 

11th May - Dublin bound...?

The Icelandic volcano put paid to Pete's trip to see Philomena Lynott last week, but (hopefully - ash allowing) that will take place tomorrow (Weds).

The trip is planned to record a video message from Philomena to Philip's supporters who are attending the concert on Saturday.  It's not been publicised as such, so many will not know that the show will be dedicated as a celebration of the life of Dennis Keeley - Philomena's partner and a stalwart behind the 'Lizzy scenes for 40 years and more - who sadly died in January.

Anyone reading this who can not be at the show, maybe you can listen to some Lizzy around 9pm on Saturday and raise a glass with us to Dennis.


26th April 2010 - Gear stuff

Seems more people are interested in gear than I thought given the emails that came through this week.  You surprise me!   But, for those who feel the need, this is what the lads told me....

Lance - Marshall rack pre-amp / power amp (he can't remember what it's called - so suggested 'Colin') + 4x12 speakers.  Sam Mesa Dual Rectifier Tremoverb.  Pete Ampeg SVT Classic head + 2x10 + 1x15 SVT cabs.  Dave's kit has already had its own mention.

22nd April 2010 - Carnival Appearance on the cards?

For those who haven't been able to get a ticket for the May 15th gig, it seems that the 'boys might be back in town' sooner than we thought.... The Duffield Carnival on Saturday 26th June  has a marquee gig in the evening and discussions are underway with organisers to see if Ain't Lizzy will be joining Pigwagon on stage to play a selection of Lizzy classics?

More news as I get it - check back for updates or email band@aintlizzy.com to join the mailing list.

20th April 2010 - Dave gets a new drum kit!

OK, so to the rest of the world it might not sound like 'news', but bear in mind his current kit is nearly 40 years old and still had the same skins on!  Dave, from the rest of the band, thank you and congratualtions!  For gear-heads out there, it's a Pearl Masters MMX with a black panther snare  (WTF? - yeah, I thought that too!)

10th April 2010  - Duffield  gig Sold Out

Mixed news that the Derby gig immediately sold out - on the one hand  flattering of course, but word is only just getting out that the band is playing again, so we're having to turn away more and more people every day - and that's 5 weeks before the usual 'can you get me in' day before rush!. 

We could have chosen a bigger venue, but given the occasion and the support that Clare, Scott and Stacey have given the band, that wasn't an option we wanted.

So, apologies to all those who didn't manage to get tickets. It really is competely totally and utterly full, so there's no way we can fit even just one more in - not even if you are prepared to offer favours to the bass player (although he allegedly is asking the ladies to still try!). 


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